May 11th, 2012

party like a pirate

I had a really nice day yesterday. We had the early observance of my birthday since I have a double on my actual birthday. (Seth Appreciation Day - or S.A.D. as Nevi keeps calling it, but I told her I don’t approve LOL) I opened a couple of presents after I got up- mini Blossom Flowerpot, “Brisingr” & a Lalaloopsy blanket for my bed that soo soft & fluffy! (It was hanging up to dry when I left the house so it should be dry for me to snuggle up in when I get home from work in the morning :D)

Then we drove to Orland Park for some shopping at Witchy & Half Price Books. We didn’t get too much at Witchy, I think because this irritating chatterbox guy made the energy very jangly.

OHH! I FORGOT to say that Hermie made this awesome ‘Party Like A Pirate’ list & we blasted it, car-dancing all the way there! :DD

But so this guy I think kinda threw off the vibe - I know he threw mine off - because we usually have a much better time at Witchy. But we did end up with this really interesting book about the parth to becoming a Bard. (We’re prolly gonna use that in Study Group.)

Then we were hungry so we went to PF Chang’s (ugh outstanding!!). Their food is always so goooood!

Our last stop was HPB & we always take a haul from there LOL. The worst part is always having to pare down our considerable piles to what’s in our buddget. I found a great book on embellishing jeans (which should come in really handy since we can never find designer styles in our sizes). I also got “Inkdeath”, the last book from the Inkheart series, and this odd book about a modern-day story where this guy rescues a troll… it sounds pretty interesting.

We car-danced our way back home again. Then there were more presents. This Wildwood Tarot that I was eyeing up the last time we were at Barnes & Noble, 3 new Lalaloopsies Pillow Featherbed (the 1st one ever made!!!), Mango Tiki Wiki (the newest one - she’s got green eyes!), and Coral Sea Shells (she’s a mermaid & her hair changes colours in water!), action figures from Blue Exorcist.

Hermie made me a cake that looked just like Mango’s face! It was so super cute but kinda disturbing to cut up & eat. She had mocha flavoured frosting on the face - her hair was peanut butter; her cheeks were strawberry & her eyes were vanilla. Plus she found tiki mask ice cube trays & she made chocolates with orange filling. It all tasted wonderfull. The best part (and she didn’t even know because I didn’t tell anyone) is that I was on Pinterest the other night looking at ideas for Lala birthday parties & looking at all the cool cakes wishing I could have one for my birthday. I was so sad but it made me almost cry when I saw the cake she made me. :D

We ate our cake while we watched Glee. The prom episode was so sweet for so many reasons, but so sad too because it kinda feels like the shows ending. D:

Then it was bedtime because we all had a long & busy (& happy!) day. After the besties went to bed I sat there hugging my mermaid & cried happy tears because I felt loved & understood so much. It’s not always easy, but I love my friends & I really do have a great life. <3

April 7th, 2011

loser like me

Had a great day today with my lil family. Mykie had to work early but we played Sing Star with him before we dropped him off. That was a lot of fun. We always have a blast but today was kinda ridic. At one point me & Nevi were killing the glory note in ‘Eye of the Tiger’ and just as we both hit it perfectly at top volume… the power blinked out in the house! LOL it came rght back on but still, that was crazy! XD And when we got to the ABBA cd we pretty much dissolved into drunken karaoke shenanigans. It was great. I love when we can laugh that much together. :D

Then me & the besties drove out to Merillville because (like ours D:) their Borders is closing & we know they had a really good manga selection so we wanted to see if we could fill in some spaces in our collection. It was just so depressing to see the store in wreckage basically. All the books nearly gone. Bare shelves. So sad. I love books so much and it breaks my heart that the world of iphones & convenience are killing the real book industry… but we managed to pick up a few titles & I got the new SARK book. On the way our we heard that the Barnes & Noble across the street had already closed. Crazy.

Stopped on the way home for some Noodles. Nom nom. Soo good. We all fiinished our bowls completely! Then, for some reason having nothing to do with common sense, we hit the other end of the strip there for milkshakes from Coldstone. Idek what we were thinking with our bellies already that full! lol But omg the milkshakes! The girls got dark chocolate and cheesecake. Mine was cotton candy. They were really too good. Too good. We polished them off before we were halfway home! I was so stuffed for the ride back that I couldn’t even dance along to the musik lol.

And then we’ve got the musik cranked up, singing along at the top of our lungs to ‘Loser Like Me’, “Musik Again’, ‘Disenchanted’… it was my fave kind of day really. Out for a ride with my best friends. Windows down (well partially bc it did start to get chilly). Everybody happy & feeling good. Love it.

December 7th, 2010


besties have been tormenting me for like the last month with hints as to some really ridic awesome gift they got me for lil xmas. there have been hints on twitter. endless whispering-bout-things-right-in-front-of-you moments. i’ve been kinda hating them but so omg excited about what it would be and trying like mad to guess/ hope for what it would be.

well lil xmas was yesterday. unfortunately i had to work in the afternoon (since i always have to work ugh ugh). so those assholes (ilu guise) were texting me at work with hints/harassment bc i had to wait that much longer to get my epic present. WHEN I FINALLY GOT HOME there were all kinds of lil things to open. new journals (buncha blank book junkies we fucking are you don’t even know). a mcr stationery set like the ones they made when i was in middle school lol outstanding. A RAINBOW GUMMI BEAR NECKLACE. i fucking love this thing omg. so. cute. oh and a plushie from the new monster high series. adorable. (makes me wanna try again at making plushies…)

BUT. BUT. then there was THE present. the one i’d been waiting a month for…


I’M DYING. i was legit squealing so fucking much & i sorta forgot to breathe for a minute.

i’m so excited! he was my fave on season 8 (yes of course nate was my absolute fave but he never made it past top 24) but i never even got to see him on the idols live tour bc i had to work the one night they came anywhere we could go to. D: and i was thinking ‘yay he’s from kalamazoo which isn’t that far away so i’ll be able to see him all the time’ YEAH RIGHT. i’ve been bitching a blue streak at him for 2 years now bc he only ever comes to michigan when i totally can’t go. i’ve sorta been taking it personal lol.

BUT NOW. now i will finally get to see him. and… possibly talk to him.. if i am capable of the speaking part.

my besties are the bestest. srsly. just awesome.

January 26th, 2009

um.. Ran… is that your scarf Neal’s wearing????? *dies laughing again*

talalkhemiyst is also made of motherfucking awesomeness. there is a reason these ppl are mah besties. check out this shizz!  (also if anybody knows how to animate stuff could you plz and i will LOVE YOU 4EVER animate an icon of that for me!!)