October 27th, 2010

would you destroy something perfect to make it beautifull

today was a really good day.

hung out with besties and watched tv/anime all afternoon till worktime. :D

we started with the xfactor results show from sunday. not really happy with john going home. would have been so happy to be rid of treyc (esp after her heinous bastardization of ‘whole lotta love’ - i mean SRSLY) my faves are still there tho (AIDEN, cher, 1direction, katie gaga). i do like matt, but as nevi points out, he’s so much like so many other ok-singing-kinda-cute-but-not-exciting guys out there (*cough*leedewyze*cough*). he’s really what falls under my “type” but against some of the other acts he doesn’t do enuf to really stand out as a winner. i did like mary,  but now i’m a lil conflicted after the attitude she came off with about ‘this is the way i’ve always sang and always will’ like she has no intention of even trying to do anything new… i didn’t like that much… i’m really tired of contestants ripping off lambchop tho. i mean god do i love aiden but his ‘mad world’ was a legit steal from adam’s performance. and they’ve done like 3 other songs of his counting treyc’s butchering of ‘whole lotta love’ (wearing feathered shoulder pads even!) and i’m just like okay i know he’s amazing but gtfo ppl dayum. on that note, also, mebbe most ppl haven’t seen marty casey’s version of ‘baby one more time’ from rockstar:inxs but i have & matt’s version was an almost exact ripoff.

besides that we watched a couple eps of one piece. myke’s back at alabasta & we were re-watching it with him.

then we threw on a bunch of the hetalia english dubs. which are even better than the japanese. idk how that’s possible, but they are. i think there might actually be a few seconds more bc i saw stuff i didn’t recognise from the 1st time we watched. also, somehow it’s even more gay. i can barely conceive of it being more gay, but it is.

and while watching hetalia.. or was it still during one piece… OH it was while we were still watching one piece bc we were commenting on how much brighter and shinier the anime are on the new dvd player & somehow re-watching yu yu hakusho came up. and so after some cracked-ass-lolz hetalia we threw on yyh. soooo long since we’d watched that omg.

i got my hair cut the other night.. like.. 2 nights ago? hermie cut it for me :D i cut her’s into a really cute faux hawk.. can  you call a faux hawk cute?? anyway it looks really good on her. we look like 17yo boys lolz. it makes us happy. nevi got her’s cut the other day but that bitch looks like goddamn lambchop now. no but FOR SRS. she kinda wigs me out sometimes when i look at her… lol she’s awesome tho.

we’re all still working hard on our killjoy stuffs. i need to get a couple hoodies to cut in half & sew them back together. it will be awesome for sure. EXCITED. but nevi!! omg she totally made her first killjoy video last night!!! she is surprisingly creepy in it like woah. o____0

you can check the vid out here
she’s amazing, right?! i made my kj youtube account but i don’t have enuf gear yet to make a decent video. plus i’m still sorting out one or two things about my character… i might make a blog.. idk.

and while we’re on the subject of mcr. OMFG THEY’RE COMING TO THE HOB. IN CHICAGO. IN DECEMBER. LIKE YESSSSSSS. that. right there. at the hob. is where we saw the black parade songs first performed. it was my 1st mcr show ever & my 1st real concert. i cannot properly express how fucking insanely excited i am that they’re coming back there of all places. AND THIS YEARRRRRR. now it sux that we gotta rally up that cash bc we were hoarding for next year but omg yesssssss. we’re OBV going to this show. and julie sez she wants to go to so YAYZ! mykie will also be going if he’s a good boy.
we’re trying to help him come up with his killjoy persona but he’s struggling as is with finding himself so he’s having a hard time. we gotta watch him bc he’s really susceptible to suggestions & could take something on board that’s not really him bc he thinks it sounds cool… idk.. he’s sorta making progress…